How to Lose Weight and Stay Motivated

Motivation for Weight-Loss 

Motivation for Weight Loss

Motivation for Weight Loss

Did you ever think of the most difficult part in losing weight process? I’m sure you have an idea. Having people around you support you and give you motivation for weight-loss is one of the main factors in making the drop off of those extra pounds a reality. If you look well, you will find a big number of resources available that help people get over the obstacle of motivation for weight-loss. I have first-hand experience! I always found it difficult to get up and go to the gym, take a long walk, or ride my bicycle for exercise. But, one of the interesting facts is that any activity you do around the house such as house cleaning, could burn up to 500 colonies if you do that 20 min. a day.

How Do I Begin?

Many times, you’ll hear that setting goals is the sure way to make them achieved. Even though this is a good way to start, yet we are humans and we like to procrastinate. At the same time when it comes to weight loss we all want results now! I find this to be a setback factor because you get depressed if your weight-loss plan does not go the way you hope for. You will feel the pressure of being away from your set date and results. One way of controlling your weight loss journey is to be disciplined by using an alarm clock for example. As the alarm clock goes off you would know that it is your exercise time. Alarm clocks seem to have ability of giving us the feeling of urgency. This trick works for me, would you like to try too?

Support Circle

the people around you can provide motivation for weight-loss. It is crucial for your weight loss journey to have your family, friends, and coworkers support you and motivate you while you’re shedding the extra pounds. Support and motivation could be in the words or having exercise partner. For myself, my family and friends were very supportive when I was trying to lose weight. They were e-mailing me notes of encouragement, commenting on my Facebook page, do you need tips about diet, getting me cutouts from magazines with healthy recipes, and old sort of stuff. I received many positive comments and encouragement when I dropped a dress size.

Instead of setting an exact date when you would be reaching your weight loss goal, set up a schedule. Having a healthy and a balanced daily schedule helps you improve your eating habits and control your exercise time. My setup time for exercise was 30-45 minutes of work out. Even though I try to be faithful to my exercising time, sometimes I have family obligations that would prevent me from putting the time to work out. I didn’t feel bad about it though. I’m not perfect and no one is so don’t be hard on yourself. There will always be tomorrow and I will be able to exercise and be 1 pound closer to my goal.

Cheers to you and your weight loss efforts .

If you have any weight loss motivation tips, please share :)

Thinking Pulp, Think Green!

Ecosystem balance is our responsibility, and we must all participate in the effort of reducing matter waste and pollution. We all agree that there is great misuse to the natural resources of earth. The sooner we start acting green, the easier it is to keep the balance of the environemnt and to metigate the dangers of pollution.

The Difference Between Smoothies and Juices

The difference between Smoothies to Juices is with smoothies you keep and drink the fiber. That is why we use a blender to make a smoothie and juicer to make juice.

What is Fiber?

Dietary fiber is the component of plant foods which our body systems just can’t digest. It goes by through our disgestive system tract gripping water along the way and easing bowel movements. Fiber will give no nutrition nor caloric value, and yet it is very good for us.
Fiber aids to maintain our intestinal activities normal and remove a number diseases. Fiber bonds with the cancer casuing agent, carcinogens, in the intestines making it move within colon more rapidly compared to how commonly it would. This helps eradicating the risk for digestive tract cancer. Fiber additionally helps moving cholesterol out of human system, reducing our danger for heart disease.

The smoothie diet is perfect for people with bowel problems complaints. Shakes as opposed to fruit juices maintain fibers cause blenders do not filter the dietary fiber out.
You may, subject to your main aim from your specific diet, want to consider a smoothie diet that is rich with fiber, or try juicing recipes to make juices that transfer vitamins, minerals and other nutrients quicker to the blood.

It won’t be difficult to know how to make a smoothie if you have a good food blender.

Reduce The Waste and Reuse Food

Going on juice fasting, is my way in staying healthy and slim. It doesn’t take time to make juice. The most important thing however, everyone in my family likes drinking veggie juices. Isn’t that amazing?

The only drawback that I found about juicing is the pulp left from juicing. I don’t really like throwing away the pulp left from the juicing process. My Jack Lalanne Juicer leaves me with a lot of pulp that I need to make use of.

There is still a lot of flavor and fiber left into the pulp. I freeze the pulp of carrots, apples, and other sweet fruit to use them in my cookies recipe. Green veggies pulp is good to thicken soup. You can also mix veggies pulp with spices and chili to make dips quickly and easily.

Raw Bread Biscuit

Some Raw Food enthusiast would mix it with flax seed powder. Black pepper and salt before dehydrating it would make it tasty.

Kale to Reduce Cholesterol

If you are trying to reduce your cholesterol level naturally, you can do it with special diet. Food can heal most conditions and we don’t need chemicals to take control of our systems.. Kale is considered one of the healthiest green veggies that you might want to consider. Broccoli is super food and so is Kale; eat it often. You can detox your system and lessen the threat of cancer while lowering cholesterol levels in your blood with kale. Kale is a true reservoir of nutrients and other vitamins and minirals. If you are dieting, Kale helps you lose weight because it is low in calories. For a vegetarian enchilada; kale pulp can be part of the filling.

DIY Composite for Your Garden

If you mix the pulp with some dirt and leave it in the composite bin, it will start to decompose in a short time. You will create your own homemade garden composite. Garden composite is good for plants as it lets more oxygen go through soil and retain more water. This way you will be able to have your own organic herbal or veggies garden.

I am sure that there could be other uses for the pulp or mush left from veggies juicing. Do you have other ideas to share?

Healthy Meals for The Family

Red, Orange, Green: Go Juicing!

We all should be leading a healthy life, exercise more, quit smoking, and eat lots of vegetables and fruit. We all realize this fact but we try to take short cuts. Juicing fresh fruit and vegetables might not be as easy and quick as picking readymade juice from the grocery store. If you are really serious about improving your health and your eating habits, freshly homemade juice is the only way to go. Here is why;

Juices From the Shelve:

juice on shelfWhen you go t grocery store, you find shelves stacked with juice bottled in different colors and shapes. If you read the labels, you will find that percentage of real juice is very low and they contain a lot of chemicals in form of preservatives and they are loaded with sugar.

Juices From the Coolers:

You can also get a variety of juice cartons and bottles from store coolers. These juices are usually pasteurized to lengthen juice shelf life. Pasteurization is a preservation technique. In order to preserve food longer, food is heated to at least 70 ° C, almost all micro-organisms in food are destroyed. It is an essential process in all dairy product and all milk you buy from the store is pasteurized. The downsides to fruit and veggies juice pasteurization is that heat changes key components such as proteins, enzymes, vitamins, bioactive substances and certain minerals. The food after this process has a longer shelf life but is almost “dead”. Some good nutrients have disappeared and other substances have changed. Also, the taste changes and becomes less pronounced and less sparkling. Taste is just flat.

Juicing at Home:Carrot Juice

Juicing fresh vegetables at home is the best option for optimum health benefits. Raw fruit and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients and live enzyme with endless health benefits. Invest in a good juicer, buy fresh organic fruit and veggies whenever possible and you are good to go. There are many juicing recipes to choose from and many benefits to get from fresh juice. Below are just a few examples:
Beet Juice is sweet and has a beautiful deep red color. It is considered a tonic and blood-builder. Beet skin is bitter so it is better not to juice it. You can dip beet in hot water for easy peeling before putting them into your juicer.

Tomato Juice is easy to make when the tomato is red and plum. You can add some spices to enhance the taste if you like.

Carrot Juice is so popular and tasty. It is high in Vitamin A (Carotene), hence 2 glasses of Carrot juice a day can provide the body with sufficient amount of Vitamin A for the day. You can juice carrots without peeling. Just scrub carrots under running water with a plastic brush to clean it and remove any dirt on the skin.

Pumpkin Juice contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E and beta-carotene, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Pumpkin is soft and easy to juice. Some prefer to peel it cut it into cubes then boil it to make juice. Juice from a Juicer is fresher and retains more nutrients.

Romano Lettuce can make a nutritious green juice that is rich with minerals and chlorophyll. Bean sprouts fall into this juice category too.

Celery Juice tastes good and you can juice the stalks and leaves. Celery is high in Sodium though, so it is advisable to mix it with other vegetables for a juicing recipe that is tastier and healthier.

Cucumber makes a very tasty juice that might remind you of watermelon taste. Juice the cucumbers without peel as most cucumbers sold in grocery stores have wax on the skin to preserve their freshness.

Kale Juice has many benefits as kale contains a healthy dose of iron, calcium and vitamins. Kale has a bitter taste if juiced on its own, so it is best to juice it with sweet apples and carrots. Keep fresh kale in the fridge, because it fades and becomes more pungent as it gets old and stale.
You can mix and match vegetables and fruit to get more variety with the taste and to reap the full benefits of all veggies and fruit.

Creative Juice Snack

Veggies and Fruit

Carbs are seriously essential to healthy bodily functions. If the daily diet is low in carbs, your internal system will convert proteins and body fats into energy. This function is defined as gluconeogenesis.  However, gluconeogenesis stops fats and proteins from doing their original role in repairing, structuring, and protecting your body cells. Thus, it is important to have a fair amount of carbs in your dietary regimen to supply your body with an energy supply that is easily accessible.
Fruits and veggies contain extreme nutritional value and offer important dietary supplements, fiber, and are a source of significant phytonutrients. Fruit and veggies are an ideal supply of fuel for the body of a human. This is due primarily to the carbs the fruit and vegetables contain, especially glucose, laevulose and fructose.  These non-complex carbohydrates digest readily and supply the body with energy. For instance, 100 gr of high quality grapes are equal to the same amount of lean beef or fish in caloric value. Potatoes and Yams, however, offer complex carbs that take a longer period of time to process.
Fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutritional dietary fiber both soluble and insoluble. Fibers make up the seventh pillar of food of the human dietary regimen, the other pillars are represented by carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. Because of the high amount of fiber they give you, fruit and veggies assist in caring for your digestive system and prevent constipation issues.
On top of the general advantages that the body gets from eating fruit and veggies, some of these foods have additional properties;

  • Celery and chicory could be used as snacks to increase desire for food
  • Radish and lettuce are depurative and contribute to internal cleansing of the system
  • Asparagus, leek, and melons are diuretics; meaning elevate the flushing out of urine
  • Garlic and onions are anthelmintic; ie: elimination of  intestinal parasites
  • Red cabbage is expectorator,  white cabbage has vitamin U; this vitamin aids in healing of intestinal peptic issues,
  • Artichoke is cholagogue, a medicinal ingredient that aids to flushing out of gall, thus  optimizing the intestinal digestive function
  • Apples, eaten uncooked or juiced, can clear away colitis due to the pectin that it offers.
  • All citric fruits are rich with vitamin C
  • Berries are an great reservoir of antioxidants that stops cancer and heighten immune system
  • All fruit and veggies prevent the disintegration of uric acid in the human body because they elevate the level of alkaline in blood

Fruit and vegetables are good for you regardless of how you take them; cooked, uncooked or juiced. The maximum percentage of fiber might cause a problem for people who suffer from gastritis or peptic ulcer. Some individuals and children do not like veggies period.
Blending fruit with veggies is an the best method to guarantee that family members fulfill the required daily amount of veggies. These juices should be taken rather quickly or only soon after their readiness. If not, the nutrition gained from juices will be degraded because of alcoholic fermentation. You can get a good juicer from the marketplace or buy online something like Jack Lalanne Juicer or Hamilton Beach blender.

Here is a juicing recipe that can help you detoxify:

1 Ripe peach pitted and sliced

2 Grapefruits squeezed

Quarter of a watermelon

Blend together and enjoy!