How to Lose Weight and Stay Motivated

Motivation for Weight-Loss 

Motivation for Weight Loss

Motivation for Weight Loss

Did you ever think of the most difficult part in losing weight process? I’m sure you have an idea. Having people around you support you and give you motivation for weight-loss is one of the main factors in making the drop off of those extra pounds a reality. If you look well, you will find a big number of resources available that help people get over the obstacle of motivation for weight-loss. I have first-hand experience! I always found it difficult to get up and go to the gym, take a long walk, or ride my bicycle for exercise. But, one of the interesting facts is that any activity you do around the house such as house cleaning, could burn up to 500 colonies if you do that 20 min. a day.

How Do I Begin?

Many times, you’ll hear that setting goals is the sure way to make them achieved. Even though this is a good way to start, yet we are humans and we like to procrastinate. At the same time when it comes to weight loss we all want results now! I find this to be a setback factor because you get depressed if your weight-loss plan does not go the way you hope for. You will feel the pressure of being away from your set date and results. One way of controlling your weight loss journey is to be disciplined by using an alarm clock for example. As the alarm clock goes off you would know that it is your exercise time. Alarm clocks seem to have ability of giving us the feeling of urgency. This trick works for me, would you like to try too?

Support Circle

the people around you can provide motivation for weight-loss. It is crucial for your weight loss journey to have your family, friends, and coworkers support you and motivate you while you’re shedding the extra pounds. Support and motivation could be in the words or having exercise partner. For myself, my family and friends were very supportive when I was trying to lose weight. They were e-mailing me notes of encouragement, commenting on my Facebook page, do you need tips about diet, getting me cutouts from magazines with healthy recipes, and old sort of stuff. I received many positive comments and encouragement when I dropped a dress size.

Instead of setting an exact date when you would be reaching your weight loss goal, set up a schedule. Having a healthy and a balanced daily schedule helps you improve your eating habits and control your exercise time. My setup time for exercise was 30-45 minutes of work out. Even though I try to be faithful to my exercising time, sometimes I have family obligations that would prevent me from putting the time to work out. I didn’t feel bad about it though. I’m not perfect and no one is so don’t be hard on yourself. There will always be tomorrow and I will be able to exercise and be 1 pound closer to my goal.

Cheers to you and your weight loss efforts .

If you have any weight loss motivation tips, please share :)